An Austrain by birth ,Hitler went to Vienna to become an artist.During his stay in Vienna he read a lot of literature.It was in Vienna that Hitler developed hatred towards Marxism and Judaism.In 1914 he joined the German army and fought bravely.He was decorated for his services with the award of Iron Cross First Class.In september 1919 he was deputed to investigate a small group meeting of German workers party by the army.He attended the meeting and later left the army.The party was  renamed as National Socialist German Worker's Party .(Nazi Party)Hitler soon emerged as the leader of the Nazi Party.He structured Nazi movement as a solution for the problems of Germany.In 1933,Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany.On 2 august 1934 president Hindenburg died and Hitler moved quickly into the resulting vacuum.The processof Nazification had begun.The Nazi party was declared to be the only tolerated party.Political opposition was suppressed and free trade unions were baned.Strikes were forbiddenand the Nazi Labour Front was set up,Nazis advocated nationalization of big industries and large tracts of land.Most of the Germans regaerde the Nazi regime as a corrective force.