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I would like to mention some points .  Please expand and enhance that.

We can take actions individually and collectively.

1. Save water. Dont waste or  throw it.  If used water can be used for gardening and watering plants etc. please do so.
2. Use only as much as required - various products we use.  To manufacture, transport, sell, buy a product - fuel energy is used.

3.  Use electricity carefully and prudently. Switch of gadgets when not in use.

4. Use public or shared transport if possible.

5. Go on walking if the destinations are nearby.

6.  At traffic lights, switch off engines.  A lot of fuel is wasted there.

7. Encourage recycle, regenerate, reduce types of technologies and processes.

8. Encourage green technologies.

9. Use more of solar or geothermal or wind energy and other non-conventional energy sources.

10. Spread awareness about fuel saving concepts.

11. We should invent more efficient and productive fuels.  use bio-fuels, green fuels.

12. Big corporates, governments need to come together to improve fuels, more efficient motors, engines, technologies, processes and system.

13. Population control is required.  The population is growing at an alarming rate. So the fuel requirements are growing.

14. Create employment opportunities in small towns and villages.  So people do not come to highly populated and spread out urban areas.  The consumption is very high in cities.

15. Encourage use of bicycles in places that are safe.  Create safe paths for youth and old to use bicycles.

16. Create good and fast urban transit systems, like metros and trams.  Then use of private transport may reduce.

17. Ban the use of  inefficient motors.

Even though the prices of fuel are going up, the demand is still growing. So explicit actions are required to save fuel or create better fuels.

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