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“Education is the right of every Indian citizen”.Do we really agree with this statement? This question should arise in minds of everyone.Our Indian constitution offers free education to every child aged till 14 years.But are all the children aged 14 years or below that go to school?No they don’t. Education is very important for all of us,without it a man will suffer in the society.As the people in the who are illiterate or less educated are considered less important.

Whereas educated or literate people are considered to be highly respected.But education also has some adverse affects.Education(studies) have become a burden for the students.They have to carry such a heavy bag to the  school which can result into back pain,even it affects the height of child..They also get a lot of home-work.If they study too much they they also might have headache or other problems.Even they suffer from illness and depression during exam time.

Hence the children should not be given too much of homework and be taught in a friendly way (by not just dpending on books for studies).During exam days children should not be forced to study.They also should not be allowed to study in late night hours.