Does anyone of you believe in god ? how can the supreme one's existence be proved ? I've read many researches and they can really clarify that god doesn't exist. but some points are there against it. so it all comes to this that this is an all out war between science and religion. physics too have some theories and proven experiments to contribute towards science's favor. I've read many novels including the Da Vinci code, Inferno,Angels and Demons, the King's Deception and many others but neither of it has the answer. in the end i want to have some wide ideas and views from you .... what do you think and feel about it, that's all ;-)



Well...i think  god exists. you have read Da Vinci code, Inferno,Angels and Demons, the King's Deception but u must read geeta, ramayan because if god don't exists then what the books are written about???
the books written can be hypothetical or nay be, just invented to keep the people of this world united under different religions ..... what proof do we have that ramayana was indeed written by valmiki or that of geeta .... ??? and by the way, i have read geeta when i was 10 or so .... but in it, things are described in the way that no one would believe it that prt of the century ...... and in bible too, i have read the genesis, but that too i guess is completely hypothetical ....