We communicate with ppl in many ways like by emailing,faxing,calling,smsing,letter-se... and more.Lets talk abt one topic first. 

Emailing.It's a kind of mail when you can send thru computers 
.there are different advantages using this communication way,like you are able to change the fonts' colours,you do not nid to go to the postbox to post your letter,you are able to send large powerpoints and documents thru email,you are able to save paper too.there are also disadvantages using this communication way,like you are not able to have second thoughts after you've sent an email,there maybe viruses when you receive a mail,you do not know who is the sender if someone send you an email. 

Okay,i guess this is a long speech for you to present 
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     Friends, I wish to say a few words on on Science. Science has assumed a great importance now and is making a rapid progress in today's world.

   Science is the study of laws of nature, properties and structure of materials, all kinds of living organisms in the Universe.  Science is meant for learning, discoveries and inventions all for the better of all living organisms.

   Science has really done wonders for all of us and our lives. Science discovered laws and invented new products. Engineers, doctors and scientists make a number of gadgets and appliances for use at homes, offices or industries. Without these advancements in science we will not like to be born again.

   Science continues to make our life easier, healthier and safer. Long ago people lived in darkness in the night and did not even know about other countries. Now people have flown to the Moon.

  When I say science, it means mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, social science, (science of economics) and medical sciences.  The way we used science lead to side-effects too like global warming, pollution, chemical weapons etc.

   Advances in medical science are making our life span longer and healthier.  Use of energy and resources will hopefully become more efficient.  We will be able to eat high quality food and drink high quality water.

   In future the science will make the man do wonders that we can not imagine now.  But we wonder if science will make our life more inhuman complicated like pollution, global warming etc..  It is a good question that only future can answer.

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