TEACHERS are like our god because they teach us so many things from our childhood. they plays a very important role in our life because if they didn't teach us we are not able to learn and write,infect my teacher did not teach me so i'am not able to write this answer. teachers fulfill our life with full of knowledge and always want to help us as much as possible. if we are able to learn and write just because of teachers so we have to thankful them. We saw so many times that a child who is poor they can't read and write because of poverty and because of less awareness. that's why India is not developed country because of low level of education growth. We are the future of tomorrow so we have to study and make India a developed country. Due to the less number of teachers in india government launch a scheme Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers & Teaching.  It is considered that programmes dealing with teachers in all sectors and levels of education should grow and function in a mutually supportive manner. So government also wants to teach those students who are not able to read and write because of this scheme a new revolution takes place in India and we all are a part of it. 

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 Teachers are the role models of the society. They are equal to gods. They play the key role in our lives. Without them our lives are on Darkness. They are responsible for the removal of darkness from our lives by filling our lives with brightness (knowledge). They treat us as a parent, make us to learn as a teacher, being always with us as a friend.
            By keeping this on mind, Government of India launches the Scheme; Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers & Teaching with an outlay of Rs. 900 crores during XII Plan. 
           Today we are watching that the number of children are rendering on roads without having their studies due to their poverty. For such a children this mission is very helpful and to avoid those situation this is the first step taken by the indian government.
            Besides many social reformers are playing the role of teachers to educate the people and to bring awareness on the people. Today many people were not sending their children to school due to the lack of awareness. These reformers are creating awareness on them by playing the role of teacher and educating them to create the future of India bright.
          For the development of nation, People must be educate because they  will be able to create a better future some day. So it's like an investment for the future India. If the educated people went to the rural areas where they can find the illiterated people and try to make those rural area people too as literates, It is possible to see the India at the number 1 position on the development.
           In order to happen all these things, All the educated people have to take the teaching profession as a national mission and have to strive for this mission to create a brightest and beautiful India nad to prove their patriotism towards this country which gave birth to them
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