One of your classmate doesnot turn in his/her homework on time.u r worried that it classmate he/she will not be able to catch up with the rest of will u explain to him/her that the importance of timely submission. Submission of the students of ur class disturb all in class.all the good students are suffering due to this .how will u explain to them it's their loss too.



Most of the teachers ask for submitting ther notebooks, projects etc
students don't care about them and they think this as if its a joke
Just talk with that person like a good friend and ask notebooks from him and if u do this many times he / she could feel guilty and start doing the work

REMEMBER ONE THING YOU DONT LET HIM / HER BORROW UR NOTEBOOK AS THEY COULD START DEPENDING ON YOU you can help them by discussing notes and marking Q & A for them
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