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The Ill Efects Of Science

We have to pay a price for everything--we have certainly paid a price for scientific progress. Long ago, people thought that the conveniences offered by science would help human beings live a more comfortable and tension-free life. Though science has brought comforts, it has also increased tensions. Because of Scientific Progress life has become so fast-paced that everyone is more busy and tense. No wonder, incidences of High Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks have increased. Scientific Progress has created an Imbalance in nature. The Natural Resources in the World are getting more and more polluted. This could have its own disastrous consequences. The weapons of Mass Destruction created with the help of science may wipe out the Human Race from the face of the Earth.

So what do we conclude--is science good or bad? The answer : Neither. Science is a tool in our hands. We may use it wisely to make the world a better place to live in, or we could use it foolishly to destroy what we have built up and learned over centuries. The choice is ours!
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