I was walking down the street to the store that dusk, and it was all going well, when suddenly, the unthinkable happened.
A robbery.
Two men in leather jackets, with riding gloves and donning a pair of sunglasses rode to a lady in a pink sweater and caught her throat. She was wearing a diamond necklace or her neck, which the robbers stole. 
A snatching.
I and some other people went up to the lady, who was almost strangled to death. I quickly snatched my phone out of my pocket and took a snapshot of the license plate. But then I saw the photo.
The license plate was covered with film, which reflects flash. So the license plate was practicaly a white layer of sheet on the photo. I tend to the lady, hoping to do something good today, and after a few minutes, the police was at the scene.

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