U can say that 
today in our daily life the value of money is so high 
in our regular routed every where we need money .
Firstly  the education is our daily life education is so important that there is no vale of one without education if we don't have money our children will we uneducated which means our our children future will destroy thus this  make us aware about money . and secondly is food if don't have money to proper amount of food we will not get nutrition 
so finally i want to conclude that money value is important so we should work hard to earn money 
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and one know when to stop and when not
ok sometimes it happen
i agree.....
thats good
Money has great value today. Without it, life would be impossible. We should give good value to money and not play with it. We should not use money when the need is not there.
But money also has a bad side.
Today, some people judge others on the basis of how much money someone has. People defy their loved ones over a few pounds of gold or some money. People are getting more greedy. We must not value money too much. We must not value money very less too.
Moreover, money does not fall with the rain. We will not get money if we do something stupid or wish for it. We need to work hard for our own sake and give appreciation to money. Some people have money, some don't. We should always spare a penny or two for those who don't have money and feel sympathy towards them. Never be greedy. Greed has its own consequences. The story about the robbers in the forest who killed each other for gold is an example. Even though everyone wanted all the gold, none survived for it.
I conclude, do not make money to use where it is not needed.
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