Environment is the natrural atmosphere of a place. On Earth, only a few places have a clean environment. Mass Urbanization has resulted in mass pollution. We must take steps to preserve it. It was said:
"Thank God man can't fly and pollute the sky as he did with the land."
We must certainly take care of the Environment. 
Pollution are spread across soil, light, water, air and sound. We must curb each of these kinds of pollution with their respective methods.

q1: Your neighborhood is near a factory. It releases massive amounts of smoke. What should you do? 
a1: We should sign a petition to shut the factory down or relocate it. If it remains there people would get asthmatic.

q2: What would you do if the government was not taking any action against pollution? 
a2: We should do our own little for the better. We should afforestate, stop using too much plastic and follow the cycle of the Four Rs.

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according to me environment is place where we live 
today if we compare our grand parents time there environment was less polluted  than our present ...........................

its my relative experience 
in my previous school i was environment minster and i was asked to note down all    the thing which are destroying our nature or environment 
so i saw that deforest station was taking place  so thought 
that if we don't take care of our environment in 
up cumming years our environment will total destroy so
so we should take some measure to protect our environment 
 question ; what u will do to save your environment ? 

answer ; first of all i will make the people aware about environment.
secondly i will make the poster on topic save environment and 
stick at the the where people use to all ways see .

question ; what do u think that government is strike in taking action ? 
 answer ; yes , i think that government is strict in taking action 
 we can take the example of swachbarath , gang action plan , yamuma action plan
but some where or the other government is moving little bit slow  
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me tooooooo got this topic to speak on ASL . and i got 9 marks out of 10