Fuel is any substance used to produce heat and energy through a chemical and nuclear reaction. in india we are suffering from a severe fuel crisis.the enegy is used by the converssion of a portion of fuels mass.fuel servers as a major part of our livelihud, petroleum a major fuel is widely usedin our everyday lives and also used to power automobiles ,produce containers, and to keep us warm. all plastic is made from it and used in car house ,computers,and paraffinwax etc. fuel is found deep inside the earth . it is just as our gold ornament.and u can say it as black gold , as its colour is black so known as black gold . we can save fuel by switching off our engine i the traffic signal or driving the vehicle in a manegable speed. thete are three different ways a motorist can save fuel ---  by proper maintenace , smart purchase of vehicle and ridding it in a correct speed. conserving fuel makes sense of different levels . one of the best way to save fuel is to reduce speed as speed increases, fuel's economy decreses gradually. fuel is foundi many forms such as petrol and diesel." OIL IS LIKE TIME........ONCE GONE NEVER COME BACK AGAIN" , "FUEL CONSERVATION IS AS NECCESSARY AS FUEL PRODUCTION" . All these above are some quotes , their words may not match but their moto is same. we should not use vehivle in teavelling to near places . hope u all will understand the feeling of our mother earth. this is the only life to beautify and appreciatethe grand designs of universe. all these resources are god gift its better u may not waste them....u can use but in a limited way. ...... over. hope this is better