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Like every other objects,environment also has some mysteries but many of these are being unobserved.We will be able to find many mysteries if we round our eyes on them.For example,
The Moai statues of Easter islands:-The mystery of Easter islands and the statues that inhabit in it is something that most of us are atleast familiar with,but the fact is that there are still many mysteries sticking to this island.
The Confederate treasury:-The year was 1865 and the American Civil war was at a close.As the union army marched the final path of victory,however Confederate Secretary of the Treasury George Trenholem made one last effort to preserve the South assets;he liquidated them.
Gobekly Tepe:-Every so often a discovery happens that forces us to reimagine what we think we know about humanity and how we came as today.Turkey's Gobekly Tepe is one such discovery.The site located at the top of a mountain ridge,is composed of more then 200 pillars,upto 20 feet in height and weighing up to 20 tonnes,arranged in roughly 20 circles.Many pillars have images of many predatory animals engraved on them.
Like wise if we start taking natural mysteries we will find no ending.
The purpose of this article is to estimate the strengths of the relationships between judgments of mystery and amount of light, depth of view, and occlusion, whether visual and locomotive occlusion or just visual occlusion. Three experiments were conducted with totals of 145 respondents and 33 scenes. Light had the largest effect on mystery, followed by occlusion of both vision and locomotion and occlusion only of locomotion. Mystery might be a function of vision, not of locomotion.