Ganganagar, 04

New Delhi

15th June 2014


Dear Priya
                 Good day!! I recieved letter of mom tommorow and iam very glad to know that you have passed your examination by getting above 90% marks.It is a great achievement. But now you have to choose your profession line.I know that you want to become an IAS officer but it is not an easy task.You have to study a lot and has to pass many exams.Now's era is era of compitition.And to become successful, you should top in every exam.These exams are not easy.You should try to solve their sample paper.This will give you an idea of how to prepare for these exams.So i want to say you that concentrate on studies and i hope one day you will be successful and i shall be proud of you.
Your affectionately,

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1. Adress......2. Date...,,,,3. Salutation......4. I hope you r doing well in ur studies , and r fine as wel, how were ur exams.....(mention other things),. I heard that u have ddcided to to take part in(whichever exam u want). Thats a very good decision(praise the decision) well make a time table, and follow that if u want to prepare nicely, and have time for leisure activities as well....... (give 2-3 other tips)....I wish u all the best and I m very sure if u follow my tips u will suceed.........(elaborate this line) 5. Urs lovingly(name)
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Mention a few tips for handling the job too
it helped me apporva thanks