Directional inertia
motion inertia
rest inertia
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There are three types of inertia:
1. inertia of rest: this is the resistance offered by the body to remain in rest unless an external force is not applied on the body. eg.:if a carpet is beaten with a stick then the dust particles due to inertia of rest tends to remain in rest while the fibers of carpet becomes in motion.
2. inertia of direction: this is the resistance offered by the body to change its direction unless an ext.force is not applied on the body.Eg:if a bus tkes a turn then passengers sitting in tends to remain in the same direction in which the bus was travelling before.
3. inertia of motion: the resistance offerd by the body to change its uniform motion.Eg:if a bus stops suddenly then the passengers fall forward due to inertia of motion.
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