The period of life,when the body undergoes changes,leading to reproductive maturity is called adolescence.Period of adolescence varies from person to person.
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Adolescence is the period during which an individual attains sexual maturity. it is a very critical period. during this period, boys and girls experience a sprut of growth in all the areas of development. the period is distinctly marked by rapid physical as well as emotional growth. the most noticeable change in boys are broad shoulders, oily skin, facial hair, muscular body and cracked voice. Similarly, girls have narrow waistlines and wide hips, oily skin and enlarged breasts. it is important to note that, during this period, an adult gains about 25% in height and 50% in weight. this is that crucial age when some boys and girls are trapped in a bad company and become addict to many bad things. so, they have to be careful while making friends.
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