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          Role of Children in Fuel Conservation as a National Movement

   There is no question about the need of saving fossil fuels.  Especially in a developing third world nation like India, it has assumed a great importance.  There are many government bodies and voluntary organizations working on this subject.  Many corporates, research institutions and manufacturing houses that have to contribute in terms of green fuels, more efficient machinery, use of appropriate technologies with sincerity for the better living of all.    

    The various actions that need to be done by all of us individually and collectively at all levels are the following.  First it is necessary to follow all these as a habit.  In schools and competitions we need to give fuel conservation a topic of discussion.  Let’s spread awareness among all the people who are still ignorant of the need to conserve fuel.       

   When we the children of today follow these, indirectly fuel conservation becomes a movement at the national level.  It will be a silent one, yet strong and powerful.  After a decade we will definitely see some of us becoming champions of fuel conservation.

1. Save water - No wasting or throwing.  If used water can be further used for gardening and watering plants etc. please do so.
2. Use only as much as required - any product we use.  To manufacture, transport, sell or buy a product - some fuel is spent in some form.  Let that be paper, rice, vegetables, chips, cement, paint, oil or even a vehicle.

3. Use electricity prudently.  Switch off gadgets when not in use.  To produce electricity, some fuel is used somewhere.  Use A.C. facilities only as much as needed.  Green building technologies may be use to build huge buildings.  This should be remembered by all children.

4. Use public or shared transport if possible.  Go by walk if the destinations are nearby.

5.  At traffic lights, switch off engines of vehicles during (idling) waiting period.  A lot of fuel is wasted and pollution is created there.  Many vehicle drivers do not switch off their engines at signals due to the fear of its not starting again quickly.  Children can become scientists and engineers and  contribute by inventing better ignition techniques.
6.  Encourage recycle, regenerate, reduce types of technologies processes - these hopefully save fuel and energy in some form.

7.  Make it a habit to verify if we are using only efficient processes and gadgets.  Check ratings & certifications on purchased appliances.

8. Encourage green technologies.  Use latest electric lamps, electric scooters and cars.  Buy and use solar heaters, solar energy based equipment.  Bio-fuels and more efficient engines are also probably round the corner.  Economical Synthetic Fuels that require less fuel and energy to produce them, will be a great achievement.  Engines that run with alternate energy sources are welcome.

8. Population control is required.  The population is growing at an alarming rate. So the fuel requirements are growing.  If we control population, fuel usage is also controlled.  Children of today must remember that.

9.  Encourage use of bicycles in places that are safe.  Use bicycles.

10.  Note down any thing that we perceive as wasting fuel.  Then see the root cause and then work for a suitable solution.

11.  Spread awareness that Indian government spends a lot of people's money for subsidizing imported fuels.  Saving fuels is indirectly same as earning Indian and foreign revenue.

12.  Breaking and burning of things for fun should be stopped.  We as children can see that our family members and friends practice all these suggestions.

     Save Fuel for the future !!   Or, We may Have to Walk for our own Funeral !!

    Being rich or having a status does not authorize wasting fuel or energy.  We all need to take the serious issue of fuel conservation as our responsibility and social obligation.  If we remember this, then we will surely make fuel conservation as our habit.   We will implicitly be able to do any work that always complies with fuel conservation in our future.

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