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There are countless things we can do in order to protect the Ozone Layer.Below I present you a couple of the most popular ways of helping out which can be done by almost anybody! 

1. Do not burn litter! - The thing is that burning stuff that is not exactly suitable for burning can result in emiting extremely harmful gases which can therefore damage the Ozone Layer.
2. Choose a bike over a car! - Cars are one of the most dangerous machines to our Ozone Layer. Especially those that run on lead-infused petroleum. The most enviroment friendly way of commute is by far - a bike.
3. Use deodorands which are not in a shape of spray! - Besides spray deodorants you can also use cream or roll-on which are way more Ozone Layer friendly and for many they are also more convenient to use than sprays.
4. Spread the word! - Can you see your friends doing stuff harmfull to the Ozone Layer which they do not really have to do? Talk to them! Maybe they will change their behaviour and therefore, contribute to the cause :) 

I hope this will clear your problems up :) 

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