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The spat happened when Mr. and Mrs. Jordan asked grandfather on whether he remembered anything while sleeping. Mrs. Slater, however, prevented Mrs. Jordan from coaxing grandfather. In fact, Mrs. Slater was scared that he would remember that she and Mr. Slater had shifted the bureau and the clock from his room. Mrs. Slater’s worst fears came true when grandfather realised that the bureau and clock was shifted to the sitting room.

This led to a full fledged verbal exchange between the two sisters. Mrs. Jordan told the grandfather that Mr. and Mrs. Slater shifted the bureau and the clock from his room to the sitting room because they thought he was dead and they were shifting things out of his room so she couldn’t lay a claim on them.

After discovering the truth, grandfather became very bitter because he felt that his daughters didn’t even wait for his funeral to start dividing things between them.
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