Imagine you are one of the chiefs of the cavalry riding behind Lord Ullin . You and your men ride for these days at the end of which you reach the shore.Narrate your experience as you witnessed a father lamenting the loss of his child,in the form of a diary entry



14th September, 2015.
Today was one of  most unpleasant day ever.Firstly, Lord ullin called me to meet him. I was taken aback when I saw him, He had a distressed emotion on his face and he looked like he hadn't slept for hours. He asked me and the army to search for his daughter who had eloped with chieftain to marry him. We were shocked to hear the news, but then decided to search for them on our horses. Two days went by, but we never had any clue for where they were, On the third day, The sky became dark and the weather, stormy. We rode through the narrow valleys and at last reached the shore. The sight we saw was unbelievable. Lord ullin's daughter and his lover had left the shore on a boat and were going towards the violent sea. Perhaps,They fled due to the fear of being caught. The sea became more violent as every passing minute. We all could do nothing but stare helplessly. Lord ullin was screaming for them to come back, but all was in vain. After few moments, we could see the the boat sinking because of the destructive waves. And when lord ullin started crying in grief, we knew that she was no more. He was screaming and moaning as if in severe pain. It was a undesirable sight. May lord ullin's daughter's soul rest in peace. 

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