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   Summer season in the Northern Hemisphere is during March, April, May, and June.  In the Southern Hemisphere it is during Sep, Oct, Nov, and Dec.  When we are closest to the Sun and the Sun rays fall directly on our region, it is the summer.  Summer succeeds Spring and precedes rainy (and Autumn) season.

   In equatorial regions like India Summer is not so pleasant , as it becomes blazing hot in the day.  People face a lot of difficulties due to shortage in water and electric power supplies.  Rich persons go to summer resorts.  Summer season

   On the other hand, in the countries far from the Equator Summer is a pleasant experience and they take vacations with joy.  They enjoy long days and the Sun shine upon themselves.  Often Summer is looked forward to with enthusiasm by all children and youth to enjoy the holidays and to go on tours.  During the summer, I take the opportunity to learn new things, so that I can do better in my next year academics.

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