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       Education is the process of learning knowledge, in phases, required to live independently on our own in future.  Education makes us useful to the society and to the world.  It is not just confined to books and schools, as we often think.

    Education teaches us manners, discipline, humility, techniques, skills, and culture.  We learn the ways to tackle difficulties, enables us to progress towards a better life, and to live with others in the society.  Most importantly we can get the means of living by offering our services and doing jobs.  Education gives us the strength to stand independently and face our competitors bravely.

    Without education we will not be a complete individual as a human being.  We will be same as animals.  Government has declared basic education as the fundamental right for a child.  Education tells us to take care of our health and future needs. Education and experience allow us to take care of ourselves properly.  It helps us to raise our children in a better way.  Education takes us to higher status and position in the society.  Everyone respects an educated good person.

     In India, even now, there are many people below poverty and living in small villages.  They are not educated and often they get cheated by imposters.  We have now the Internet, an infinite source of knowledge, making us learn more effectively and easily.

    Education allows us to depend on our own capabilities rather than good luck and chances alone.  The intelligence of people is properly utilized by educating oneself; otherwise it stays raw and unused.  We must utilize our education for the common good and earn money and fame in the society.  So friends I say that it is good to be educated to as high level as we can, strive for earning more and reaching the highest peak in our career.  

I thank you all for giving me this opportunity and listening to me carefully and silently with appreciation.  Thanks one and all.

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