Farming--- many people are having farming as their livelihood, some have their own fields, while some work in others fields. Farming is generally practiced in rural areas..................... Weaving-- Many people are weavers which are hired by more powerful traders to weave the cloth, but maximum of them are underpaid by the traders, so they are forming weavers cooperative these days, and here they weave the cloth as well as do the marketing and earn profits......,...,,............ Animal husbandry---- some people breed anmals like cow , goat, sheep etc to obtain milk and wool........
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1st of all livelihood is a means of supporting one's existence, esp. financially or vocationally; living.
there r various sources of livelihood--
 Hunting, fishing and gathering were the only means to survive during prehistoric times in harsh conditions. The life of hunter-gatherers followed a rhythmic, annual cycle. They followed the regular events of nature and moved after the game and good fishing places. Cultural features of these small societies have been impacted by the most dominant source of livelihood.     
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