Indian youth, today in reality are making a mark globally. According tome indians never had the problem of talent, but education and resources. Now they are getting educated and prooving their worthiness in the different fields. It is not tgat indians were useless earlies, as records suggest that an indian mathematician had discovered a property similar to the pythagoran theorum much earlier. Aryabhatt gave the world 0 without which mathematics is impossible now. Indians never lagged behind, india was enjoying the harrapan and indus valley civillisation when other places were yet to be civilized. But today the Indian youth are adapting to the changes in society and making a mark in fields like astronoy, science etc and are giving the world some brilliant ideas for social development.....
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today we are seeing our youths are progressing rapidly in each and every field . even they are having their places on a global position.we gave a number of engineers , scientists and researches. our indian youths are now in the way of progressing.they are playing a great role in the progress of our great country.they are working hard to succede and go more ahead than china we are the most populated country.and our youths are planning to make this population been used as a great resource to progress.