In space, computer is used to operate the space shuttle, along with the technological equipments which they are using while on board.

For example, the constant communication between the co-pilot and the ground station happens with the help of computer, and location is being navigated, recording the covering all the data which is needed that is for the purpose of recording the information of the whole earth or any particular planet is been recorded by the computer, and the once the crew is back, our scientist use the same information to get the relevant information..
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Computer technology has come a long way since the Apollo astronauts took pocket calculators and slide rules into space but we still don’t have the all-knowing talking computers predicted in films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Sunshine. So what technology do future space missions have in store?NASA’s replacement for the Space Shuttle, Orion, is due to start round trip missions to the International Space Station in 2014 before heading for the Moon around 2020 and then ultimately Mars. Almost all aspects of Orion’s missions will be computer driven, relieving the astronauts of mundane checklists, navigational tweaks and button pressing. And all this only needs three briefcase sized computers.