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A factory worker spends his life with his meagre, yet hard earned income. He is happy with his earning acquired after working for several hours at the factory. He experiences joy when he comes back home after his day's work and is welcomed by his family. Due to his hard physical labor, he lives away from the risks to die by a heart attack, hypertension, high blood sugar or cholesterol. He has limited resources and therefore limited desires to be fulfilled. This is also the key to his happiness. His family manages to feel happy by sharing small joys of life among themselves. In contrast to the greedy and insatiable desires and ambitions of a family owner who extends his working hours, spends sleepless nights, fails to spare time for his family and lives life in perpetual stress rather than with joy, a factory owner's life is more peaceful and basic need oriented. He is never part of any rat-race and doesn't have to compromise his mental peace or run after fame or success.  A factory worker lives life as it comes to him. He accepts his access to limited resources and aims to live more in little joys offered to him in his daily life.
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Life in a family is full of joys and hardships, but we must remember that family is a gift which not everyond has got... u may sometimes feel pressurized, tensed or unhappy, but remember there are many orphanx lying out there who yearn for a family. U may have fights with ur brotherd and sisters, but they ars the ultimate dolution to all of ur worries and they are thd ones u pour out your heart to. Just imagine ur life without those wonderful people who guide u and u will realise their importance, they are the finest present u will ever get, precious than the filest pearls and emeralds.... if u develop understanding then u will know their problems and then the number of fights will surely be ur family as u r one of the lucky ones who have got a family.....
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