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Hello dear Friends, I wish to talk on "Music and Culture" of which all of us enjoy listening to, watching and playing a part.  I love them.

    Scientifically Music is a sequence and flow of rhythmic notes that please our inner self.  Music is one of Arts.  Music is a divinely skill that musicians possess and make the audience feel lively and float with joy in heavenly skies.

    Culture comprises of the ways of dwelling of people in a civilization.  Its the beliefs, customs, traditions, ethical and moral values of a community.  Culture is the way one behaves with family members and others
at different social contexts and events.

    We would be animals or cavemen without a decent culture.

    Music is the one of most important boons of Gods, through which people enjoy most of their leisure time.  Music is the educational subject that classifies all the rhythmic sounds into a system, that can be learned.

    Life without music is a tasteless bitter drink, not worth having it.

   There are many music schools around the world.  Western, Oriental, Indian, African etc.  Music in India is treated as a sacred science with strict rules for composition.  Music can be vocal or instrumental.  There are many instruments that play unique music.

   Cultural shows include performing arts such as vocal music, instrumental music, dance, painting, drama, creative writing, craft making, elocution, debating etc.  Social and intellectual advancement and maturity of a civilization is assessed by its culture.

   We like our friends and ourselves to develop good culture. Don't we?  Let us uphold and promote our music and our culture. 

1) You may add the proverbs: 
     Every man's ability is strengthened by culture. -  John Abbott   
     Culture is one thing and Varnish is another. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
2)  add names of famous musicians and culture specialists.
3)  add names of different types of music of India and world.
4)  add names of various cultures in the world - ancient & modern.
5)  Mention names of musical instruments.

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