1) Mass is defined as the amount of matter in a material.
2) Mass is never 0. 
3) Mass is a property of matter and the mass of an object is the same everywhere.
4) There is no known formula to calculate the mass of an object from scratch. (although weight 
÷ gravitational acceleration is a good way)
1) Weight is defined as a measurement of gravitational acceleration acting on mass.
2) If there is no gravity around an object the weight will be 0.
3) Weight depends on the effect of gravity. Weight varies according to location.
4) The formula for weight is Weight = Mass 
× Gravitational Acceleration.

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*Mass is the amount of matter present in an object.
*It is constant.
*It is scalar quantity.
*Its SI unit is kg.

*Weight is the force of attraction between the object and the planet.
*It varies from place to place.
*It is a vector quantity.
*Its SI unit is Newton.
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