School Playground Safety Rules

1.       Students are not permitted on the playground without adult supervision.
2.       Only go to the playground on an outside day and after the teachers on duty give you permission to leave the            school building.  Walk carefully and don’t run.
3.       Leave extra clothes and items you don’t need in a designated spot away from the playground equipment.
4.       Listen to and respect the teachers on duty.  Follow their directions the first time they are given.
5.       Always get permission from a teacher to enter the school.
6.       Only play in the designated areas. If something you are using goes outside the play area, one student can                retrieve the item.
7.       After the bell rings, if you are on the school playground, pick up your belongings and any small equipment you          were using.  Line up and walk inside the school quietly after you receive directions from the teachers on duty.

The place where the basketball hit can be wounded over
ice can be kept in that wounded area
bandage can be put for prevention from any infections
the wounded area can also be applied with oinment