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     In today's society it is true that elderly people have less part to play.  However, it is the natural process that elderly people do retire and take rest from active duties.   In case of small towns and villages, elderly people stay with their families in their own houses and live happily as before.  They do get respect as the heads of their families.

    In cities generally people are busy in managing their lives that include entertainment, work, transport, taking care of children, moving with varying times, running after modern practices etc.  Elderly people may feel a bit lonely or less cared for.  Young usually prefer to be in touch with young boys and girls.  Old persons perhaps are not able to travel a lot by themselves and manage on the busy roads.

   Quality of their life is only affected by their dependency on others.  They have found ways of improving their own life standards and quality.  Elderly people keep themselves occupied with cultural, musical, devotional activities that take place in temples and community centers.  They keep up to date with happenings around the world.  They keep in constant touch with their family members and friends using the latest technologies.

   Elderly people are always welcomed at the functions of their relatives and friends.  Unfortunately for some old persons who cannot do house work, cannot engage themselves in reading books, and have less mobility have difficulty in spending their days.  

   There are many parks in the cities, where elderly people get together in the mornings and evenings.  They do share their feelings with their friends.  Often old persons with skills and experience, or continue consultation work or authoring articles.  Many old persons, especially women find various TV programs as interesting.  Many family members do respect their elderly.
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