Love is that feeling which can nt be expressed in the words really its is difficult to find true love in this kind of generation which every boy say to every girl tht i love u plz be mine cant live without u bla bla ..... but if tht person really love he will never ever say tht i cant live without u as wo hamesha hamri khushi hi chahega so plz soch samch ke "yes "bolna chahiye nd all the best fr ur life nd i ll pray fr u tht soon u ll find ur true love ..!! :)<3
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Love is when two people touch each other souls 
love is honesty and trust it is helping one another 

and in other words in 
math love is problem
in history a battle 
: )

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ur wc
nice qoutes paras
hmm thanx :-)
dont say thanks and sorry between friends got it!!!!!!!!!!!
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