Girl  Education

There is a very famous saying in Africa which says, 'If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a woman.' In the light of the above mentioned axiom, empowering the girl child with education is the best and the wisest option a nation could have in empowering itself. In the big vast of our world, many nations in African, Asian, and South American continents are still grappling with the problems of backwardness. Hunger, poverty, unemployment, poor standards of living, poor medical facilities, poor education, etc, are still lingering on in the developing countries. Empowering girl child with education is the only panacea. An educated girl will have the power to make her dreams come true. Only an educated girl can earn her own living and free in true sense. With her education, not only she will be benefited, she will spread the light of education all around her. She will teach her brothers, sisters, neighbors, and other adults; this will lead to a positive ripple effect that will lead to skill enhancement and the prospects of being hired by competent companies will increase. Besides, an educated girl child ensures the surety of education of the other family members. So empowering girl child with education is the best investment a nation can make!

Even in country girl-education is considered a burden in some backward areas. This is a faulty attitude and the most obvious reason of the backwardness of those areas. Only educated girls can contribute to making our country advanced. She will be sharing the burden and reducing its impact by supplementing the resources rather than reducing them. Let me draw your attention to the fact that such notions are a thing of the past. If the boys and girls are to be treated as equals, then both of them have right to education. If resources can be spared for the boy's education then they have to be spared for the education of the girl too, as we have seen that educating a child is not a burden, but an investment.

By educating the girl child the family is making a sound financial investment. When the girl child is educated, she will reduce the financial burden of her father and later her husband. The Government has taken some stringent measures in the direction of achieving 100% literacy for women. Free education of girls, scholarships etc have been initiated. This is having positive impact on girls education.

However, the people of India must take the issue as a campaign. If India is to advance, Indian girls must be educated.

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