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According to the given conditions;
C.P∨1 of Indu=Rs.410
S.P∨1 of Indu=Rs.450
therefore profit∨1 of Indu=Rs(450-410)=Rs 40
S.P of Rupa =S.P of Indu+Rs.45=Rs.(450+45)=Rs.495=C.P∨2 of Indu
final S.P∨2 of Indu=Rs.510
therefore profit∨2 of Indu=Rs(510-495)=Rs.15
therfore total profit of Indu=profit∨1+profit∨2=Rs(40+15)=Rs.55
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Indu first made a profit of Rs 40 She sold the sari to Rupa for rs 450 but Rupa sold the sari to Indu for Rs 495 and made a profit of Rs 45 and therefore Indu made a loss of Rs 5 and then she sold the sari for rs 510 to Amrita and made a profit of Rs 15 But she made a loss of Rs 5 therefore subtracting the loss from the profit ie. 15-5=10 we get the final profit.So the final profit made by Indu was just Rs 10.