Capture Fishing ⇒ Method to obtain the fish from Natural Resources.

Mariculture ⇒ Culturing of marine fishes for Commercial use.

Aquaculture ⇒ Involves the production of aquatic animals that are high economic value such as prawns , Lobster and many more.
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Mariculture⇒Mariculture is defined as  culture of fish in marine ecosystems near sea costs. Mariculture is a specialized branch of aquaculture.The marine fishes cultured in coastal waters of India on commercial basis include bhekti,pearls spots,sardines,eel and milk fish.
Capture Fishing⇒The fish is caught from natural water,both marine and inland.Modern technology is used for capture and storage before marketing.Electronic equipment is used to locate fish in the sea. Mechanized fishing boats and deep sea trawlers are ofter employed in capture fishing.

Aquaculture⇒The growing of various types of aquatic organisms in water bodies is called Aquaculture.Aquaculture is also known as aquafarming.Aquaculture pertains to production of useful aquatic plants and animals such as fishes,prawns,crayfish,lobsters,crabs,shrimps,mussels,  oysters, and seaweeds by proper utilization of available waters in the country. 

Aquaculture⇒The growing of various types of aquatic organisms in water bodies is called Aquaculture.

Mariculture⇒Mariculture is defined as  culture of fish in marine ecosystems near sea costs. 

Capture Fishing⇒It is method of obtaining fish from natural resources.There is no seeding and raising of fish.

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