Writing a teacher retirement tribute can be a daunting task because when a beloved teacher retires, life pauses for a moment.The retirement of a special teacher is watershed event for a generation of students. We associate favorite teachers with our youth -- a time when life was vibrant and schedules seemed simpler. Those mentors who gave us understanding and advice after others had crushed our fragile egos will always have a special place in our hearts. Likewise the no-nonsense teachers who challenged us and, in the process, taught us the joy of learning, helped shape our careers and our success.By the same token, teachers get an immense amount of pleasure from their students' successes. In addition to preparing a teacher retirement tribute, those who plan the retirement party should invite past students as surprise guests. That is one sure way to delight the retiree.What do you say in a teacher retirement tribute besides "Thank you"?

There are many well-known quotes about education and teachers that you can work into a speech or a toast. You might also try one of the following ideas as an outline for your teacher retirement speech: