Pradeep is a Section Chief for an electric utility company. The employees in his section cut down tall trees or climb poles. Pradeep recently reported the following information to the management of the utility.

Out of 100 employees in my section, 55 can cut tall trees, 50 can climb poles, 11 can do both, 6 can’t do any of the two. Is this information correct?



Yes the given information is correct.
out of 100 55 can cut trees n 50 can climb total becomes 105....also 11 can do both so this 11 employees will be within 105 94 and rest 6 can do nothing ...therefore 94+6=100;
therefore the information is r8...saying the data seperately doesnt't mean that each data is counted as 1 member fr eg-the data that 11 memebers can do both can be included within the data that 55 can cut trees n 50 can climb poles=105,....hope i helped u:)