These are 42 timeless tales of inspiring wisdom. They are stories of life, love and learning. They open our heart, rekindle our spirits and buoy our emotions. They are a tribute to life and humanity. Many stories will leave the reader with a feeling of tenderness and a moistness in the eye. The Mountain Trail is the inspiring story of a blind boy who feels he is no good. Then one day in 1857, as the British launch a fierce attack on the troops of Tantia Tope, this little boy, unmindful of the risks, leads the forces of the latter up a hill. This changes the course of the battle.I’ll Always Be There, Run, Pammi, Run, No Greater Friendship, Two War Heroes, and many other’s are stories of courage, love and compassion. The Cripple Who Became a Champion and Overcoming Difficulties are stories of people with no hope; yet by sheer hard work and perseverance, they achieve what they sought. Man at His Best exemplifies the spirit of this book- Man is basically good.With topics ranging from the emotional to bravery, these heart warming stories invite you to enjoy the book in whatever way you feel most comforting and appealing…. These stories will make you realize that in your life, there is always room for more love, more sharing, more wisdom, more inspiration and of course more Mountain Trails.