. Work hard and become the Elite Bureaucrat
You can definitely think in this angle. Crack Exams join IAS/IFS/IPS. Become popular, have an illustrious career. Become famous. Post retirement you can announce your interest to join Politics. You'll get an assured placement in Politics.
2. Become a Celebrity
This is the next option for you. Think Movies. Become an actor/ director/ musician. Make films with message to the crowd. Show how you can bring the change. There you go !!
If you are in South, you will even become Chief Minister
3. Study religion and become a GodMan
Choose a religion first. Study hard and enter the GodMan career for 'on the job training'. Convince people how your religion is suffering, and will become extinct one day! Make hate speeches. There are lots of Parties to hire you in all religions!
4. Start your own party
This is no different than your own Start-UP. You can preferably take a correspondence course in MBA before you jump into this. Search for an Idea, Find a cause, work for it and publicize it. Hire people, network, manage: lots of hardwork. Social Networking can help you out! Explore the options.
5. Play a victimized common man
There you go. The latest trend! Believe and make believe you are the frustrated common man who want to protect your own interests first. Cry out loud. Curse the system and slowly enter the system to reform.
6. Joining a Political Party
This should be your last option. If you have run out of all the choices, join an existing Party. But you will never move up the ladder unless you join the Party Cheif's family - officially or unofficialy

All the best ;)