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Newspapers carry information for everyone—busi­nessmen, politicians, unemployed people, sportspersons and children. It widens knowledge, keeps one abreast of all advances made in the fields of science, education, sports, medicine and technology.Newspapers are important pillars of a democracy. A free press not only makes people aware of the views and policies of the government, but also of their rights. It keeps the government informed of people’s wishes, desires and aspirations. It is a direct channel through which public opinion can be expressed.Newspapers keep us in constant touch with news, developments, changes, advances and occurrences in every nook and corner of the world and at a very little price to the reader. Their popularity gives them immense power in molding public opinion.Unfortunately, most newspapers have vested interests. They are owned by capitalists and have to toe their line. Some newspapers are organs of political parties. Their loyalty to the party is greater than their sense of fair play.It is essential to cultivate faculty in the readers, so that they do not believe every word of the news- report. The newspaper should also have a very strict code of ethics, which it should conscientiously adhere to
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There are many things that I like to do but the thing that I like the most to do is reading newspaper every day . If I am busy then also I give time to read newspaper . One day the news paper did not came to our house then the whose day we were wondering here and there for newspaper and we can never forget that day in our life.

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