A pie chart is made by first drawing a circle on the graph n the with the help of a protractor u need to mark the required angles n join the lines correspondingly............hope i helped u:)
what is wc ?
then tell how angles in pie chart are made?
Find out what the total is for the pie chart. Work out the percentage for the section you are trying to find by dividing the total for the section by the total for the whole pie chart.
e.g the pie chart is for 200 results and the section you are looking for is 30. You do 30 / 200 = 0.15

Then to find the angle you do: 0.15 * 360 (amount of angles in a pie chart) = 54 degrees.
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It is a circular graph which is used to represent data. In this :
● Various observations of the data are represented by the sectors of the circle.
 ● The total angle formed at the centre is 360°.
 ● The whole circle represents the sum of the values of all the components.
● The angle at the centre corresponding to the particular observation component is given by value of the component/total value × 360
● If the values of observation/components are expressed in percentage, then the centre angle corresponding to particular observation/component is given by  percentage value of component/100 ×360
Steps of construction of pie chart for a given data:
● Find the central angle for each component using the formula given on the previous page.
● Draw a circle of any radius.
 ● Draw a horizontal radius
● Starting with the horizontal radius, draw radii, making central angles corresponding to the values of respective components.
 ● Repeat the process for all the components of the given data.
● These radii divide the whole circle into various sectors.
● Now, shade the sectors with different colours to denote various components
Thus, we obtain the required pie chart.