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I write some important points.  Develop that into an essay or an article as you need.

   Science has been funded by the money from the society.  So all sciences have an obligation to contribute to the society.

    Sciences have the obligation to supply pure drinking water, cheaper energy, less polluting processes for cooking, healthier ways of living etc.  Sciences have a good obligation of preventing diseases that effect the society.   Science has an obligation of providing the gadgets necessary to the people.  Sciences have the immediate responsibility of taking care of the issues and troubles faced by the people in today's world.

   Science has the duty to prevent harmful effects on people, those side effects which have results from the inventions and processes given by sciences.  

  Children and youth must be educated on the social obligations and usefulness of sciences.  Science has much to do in terms of prevention of people falling prey to contagious diseases and severe damage to the body from pollution in water and air.  Science has to produce eco-friendly gadgets, fuels, energy sources, materials for use in homes and offices.

     One important moral that engineers and scientists are to remember is that they become highly qualified with the money and resources coming from the society.  So its their sincere duty to contribute to betterment of the society.

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