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The gate was built in memory to the of the 90,000 Indian soldiers who laid down their lives during World War I.
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the india gate originally called all india wall memorial.india gate is a war memorial located asride the rajpath,on the eastern edge of the ceremonial axis of new delhi,formerly called kingsway.the names of some 70,000 indian soldier who died in world war 1,in france flanders,mesopotamia and persia,east africa gallipoli and elsewhere in the near and the far east ,between 1914-19 are inscribed on the memorial arch.
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  It is national monument of IndiaIt was built in memory of 9,000 soldiers who becomes martyr in world war I.This Place is known for it's patriotic feelings.This place is considered as a tomb for all soldiers who becomes martyr for pride of India which is known as amar javan jyoti.This place is also known as all India war memorial and built in 1931.