We all know the structure of atom i.e., protons and neutrons are at the centre of the atom in the form of nucleus and electrons are revolving around the nucleus.

my question is why the structure of atom is like that only.Not like electrons and neutrons at the centre of atom in the form of nucleus and protons reolving around nucleus.

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This is because the mass of electrons is negligible,i.e,1/1837 times that of proton's mass(approx.;precisely-9.107*10⁻²⁸ g);
hence ,they can  an easily rotate with great velocity around the nucleus....on the other hand the mass of proton is almost equal to that of an atom of hydrogen ;approximately 1 (precisely-  1.670*10⁻¹⁹ g);
due to this protons cannot rotate with great velocity....hence they are concentrated in the nucleus while the electrons rotate around the neucleus....hope i helped u:)
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The answer of your question is not yet founded by chemists, but what they assume is that this formation is the basic concept of everything that exist in nature. Till now it said that it can not be controlled by humans,therefore, it is all natural concept.

You can take the examples like spiral galaxies, the sphere made by your hairs on your head, the rotation and revolution of planets around Sun, etc. These all things are like this atom you are talking about. They all are spiral and they can not be controlled by humans(even spheres on our head).

Some assumptions are made by scientists that when Big Bang was occuring many small particles(like protons) and many large particles (like planets) were thrown away with a force which continuously moved(Newton's First Law Of Motion) and due to gravity(or any other force of attraction) of an another big object they start revolving around it. Same in the atoms, as we know that protons and neutrons have a force of attraction between them (due to opposite charges), the protons attracted the moving electrons towards the and they start revolving around protons.

These are all assumptions made by chemists, scientists and me. These all have not been verified yet.

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