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Malleability means ability to change the shape of a solid substance.  It is the property of a solid substance to be able to take in compressive or tensile stress and change its dimensions.

Usually it means that the material is hammered with a great force or rolled between two strong high speed rollers to be converted into sheets or objects of required shape and use.

Metals are malleable.
1.  Malleability of steel, aluminum , tin , other alloys makes them useful for making utensils, and containers for use in homes in kitchens.

2.  Malleability of Gold, Silver makes them suitable for ornaments.

3. Industrial containers , huge sheets, many parts in machines are made because of malleability of strong metals.  Say even the railway wagons are made of sheets because of malleability of the metals and alloys.

4.   Malleability also allows for repairs of some metallic objects if they are deformed.

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