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     Hey friends, I will say a few words on my favorite topic "Sports and Games".  These are our recreative activities during leisure. Sports are similar to games, with a small difference.  Games have a game point like 21 in Badminton.  Sports do not have such limit and the winner is the one who displays superior performance like in Cricket, Athletics etc..

   Sports are indoor or outdoor based, and for individuals or teams irrespective of age.  I am sure all of you played games and sports and you like them.

   Playing sports develops not only the physique but also sportsmanship and team spirit.  We stay fit, avoid obesity and grow healthily.  Nowadays, we have careers in sports and games as these are big businesses. Successful sportsmen are worshipped even.  For those who are afraid of getting hurt, Indoor games like Chess, Carroms are good options.

   We improve concentration, focus and coordination between mind and our limbs.  We improve our metabolism and the speed of our sensing and response system. We develop anticipation, estimation and quick real time reactions.

   We get satisfaction in our inner self. We become humble and disciplined.  We should not play to humiliate others.  Playing sports with family members helps good relationships.

   But friends, playing a lot of video, electronic and computer games can be harmful to the mind, as it may make a person dull and addicted.

    So friends, lets get together and enroll and engage ourselves in sports.  We can choose games that do not cost a lot.  I love and play sports/games. Thanks all of you for listening to me attentively.

   Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is. -  Vince Lombardi
  You are never a loser until you quit trying.  -  Mike Ditka 

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