Strap me in your time machine . Let the motor whirr switch controls to speed of light make my senses blur .
Batten down the airlocks make all the hatches fast blast me through the chronosphere ferry me through the past .
Take me back three thousands years roll back the centuries,I want to see what the earth was like 2000th AD .
Show me what the world was like before we burnt the tree killed off all the animals and dried up all the seas . 


In an auspicious day,
God sent a star to the earth
in the form of a woman
when he was madly love with music
that tends to give birth to the star.

By hearing that star's voice
Nightingale feels that
her dazzling voice was overtaken
by the mesmorizing voice of the star

The leaders like Gandhi, nehru
were mad at the voice of that star
that made them to think that world
would become dull without her(star) voice

Even the quiscent things are eager
to run to the feet of the star
in the form of awards like 
Padma Bhushan, Vibhushan, Bhatrat Ratna

That star is the boon of god
presented to this world 
with the name of Subbulakshmi

She left the world
by leaving the pearls those
came from her sweet voice
She left her skin but
not her pearls because they are eternal..