By not letting their mind getting distracted towards their loved ones

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How to pay attention in the class room:

1. First, we must be interested in the subject and content of the lecture.
2. We must be prepared a bit in advance, in case we are told to come prepared.  Even otherwise, it is helpful to have some idea.
3. It is better to sleep well the previous day.  So our mind is not unduly  tired and we remain active.
4. It is better to explicitly put off all other ideas, thoughts , issues away from our mind and heart.
5. It is better to be seated in the front rows rather than in the back seats.
6. It is better to focus on the content of the class rather than the appearance, handwriting style, speaking style and mannerisms of the professor or speaker.  Many of them may not have the best styles and abilities.  But our interest is in the knowledge, grades, skills and techniques.
7. It is better to make brief notes of the contents.  Some times just listening does not work.  We may go off to some where else in the mind.
8.  Forget that there are other students also in that room.
9.  Often it is need to be fluent in the language in which the lecture is given.  Lack of good skills at the language may cause one to lose interest or concentration.

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