Children are the gift of GOD sent in this beautiful world our earth. They are the special kindergartens who lead our ways and make our lives meaningful and happy enough . Well said by someone that they are the joyous creatures who make our boring and stressed lives even more subtle and full of merry and happy moments. They are like basic and the basis of this human species to which they learn to live in this big world. We too come to know about this beautiful nature and its beautiful creation, how innocent and delicate creations are made. These children not only make this world full of humor and pleasant but also make it quite meaningful.
In today's generation  , children  are becoming more often disobedient and out of control just because of today's young generation who are leading their ways to exposure to the wrong way and more often knowledge of several things in the wrong age. These are making them more conscious and making their childhood a doom for them. 
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