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     Hello friends, I wish to express some of my views about "Children".  I hope you will like them.

             Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow.

   Children are the most angel like beings in our world. They appear so innocent, intelligent, helpful, and altruistic.  They quickly bond with those who like and love them. They are the promising future of our nation.

   Children learn a lot of things from their elders and teachers. Children follow them for good.  After many years the same children lead and take care of their elders. Children are like angels, with the wings decreasing as their legs grow.

   Children like sweets, peace, music, sports, games, art, detection and every interesting activity. They are so creative. Many children demonstrated their talent very early in their life. Even bad people like their own children and hope their children will do good things. Children need just love and care. Good Children are like Gods living, as they are well wishers of the world. They say, Children reinvent your world for you.

   Children often run away from those who yell at them or those who do not speak to them in soft voice.  So it becomes hard to talk to children some times. One needs to be patient, caring and forgiving with children. It is often required to explain the logic to the children before asking them to obey certain actions. That helps a smooth coordination and interaction. Some children are very attached to their close blood relatives and some are detached. It depends on their way of growing up. A lot depends on their growing up environment.

    Today’s children are in a much better environment than that some decades ago. It is said that a child is the father of the father. Such is the importance of Children in the father’s life. Every child born into the world is a new, an ever fresh and beautiful creation of God.  Let us help them enjoy their childhood and grow into responsible and well behaved citizens.

   I thank you for giving me this opportunity and listening to me silently and attentively.
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