He says,"i know not why i am so sad,it wearies me and you say it wearies you"
afterwards he also says ,"i am the tainted weather of the flock."
As in the first dialogue of antonio he is unknown of his sadness .. but when salar. and salan. comes they tell him dt he is sad because all his ships have been spread in diff. direction of the sea and so he is sad because he doesn't know whether his ships would return or not salar and salan are the pessimisst who are trying to make Antonio more depressed and so the next parah of salan that if he had this shipping business he would have a map and evrythng to check where his boats are and he would pluch grasses to see in which direction the wind is blowing and in the next parah salar says bout his blowing in bowl is just to make him rather more depressed but Antonio is an optimist he says that even if his ships couldn't reach here hr could overcome the ventures ..